About the project

This is an anthology of people writing about life in precarious times. It’s inspired by queer and feminist traditions of writing.

It’s free to read everything online — but if you like holding something tangible, there is also a paper version you can order.

We worked on the project from early 2020 to mid-2021, including first drafts, editorial comments, a round of peer feedback, revisions, copyediting, and eventually book production. We decided to produce the book ourselves instead of spending extra energy finding a conventional publisher.

It was super rewarding but also hard to work on this project. As editors, we were always struggling along in spite of exhaustion, in spite of precariousness, in spite of childcare. We worked together in stolen moments, over email and instant messaging and Skype calls. We talked a lot about our obligations to each other, to the writers, the readers and the work. We aren’t professional creative writing people; we made it up as we went along.

You can read more in the project introduction.


This is a DIY book.
It has no publisher.
It exists purely through donated labor
and the momentum of our mutual obligations.

If you want to reuse any of the texts,
please check with the authors directly.

The text is set in Newsreader and Gangster Grotesk.

Many of the images come from Unsplash, a free resource.

The website page backgrounds are thanks to Yasmeen Khaja and Ruth Charnock.

editors    Eli Rose and Liz Mason-Deese
book design    Yasmeen Khaja