Table of Contents

  Writing About Life in 2021 Eli Rose and Liz Mason-Deese
Precarious Life in Motion
  A Good Night’s Sleep and Then What? Anonymous
  Real People Megan Steffen
  Love with No Place to Go Gcobani Qambela
  A Run in West Mishref Yasmeen Khaja
  Precarity as a Migrant Family Tradition Alex Fitzpatrick
  Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Akua Antwiwaa
  Gray Sameena Mulla
Reproduction is a Problem
  (Re)constructing home in colour Esihle Lupindo
  A non exhaustive list of things that are now gone, and other poems Alison Powell
  Mother Wounds Ruth Charnock
  Shaba and the Fear of Patriarchy Eli Rose
  Lipo-literacy Karen Schaller
  Dreamwake Wesley Brunson
Vulnerability and The Body
  My Bioprecarity is not a Metaphor Meli Sameh
  My Shoulder Hurts From Typing This Meg Wade
  “As you are Engulfed in Flames” Gerpha Gerlin
  Units of Care in Precarious Times Samantha Streuli & C.J. Valasek
Survival and Other Utopias
  Queer Prairie Land Allegories Aislin Neufeldt
  Small Utopias: Dreaming of #anthrocommune Danya Glabau
  Finding My Voice, Finding My Way Linda M. Callejas
  How are you doing so well? Chardie L. Baird
  DysEuPhoria Sam Sharpe
  My Newest T-Shirt Idea R I V E R